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Halfway: A Quick Report on Life in Korea

Time flies. Since I already spent more than a month here in Korea, I felt like it’s time to draw an (almost) halftime résumé and summarize some peculiarities I became aware of while living here.

The Interrail Experience Part 2: Some More Insights

After I gave you the outline and route of our trip in my previous post, let me give you some more info on three topics that seem quite important to me: trains, hostels, and food.

Savory Muffins

Contrary to what I wrote in my first blog post, I decided that I’m just not getting around enough to dedicate this blog solely to travel. Also considering the fact that I have been falling behind with my publishing (which… Continue Reading →

Dining with Pirates – and Other Stories on Food in Iceland

As impressed as I was with so many other things in Iceland, the food was surprisingly unspectacular. But as a rule you could probably say “The bigger the city, the better the food”.

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