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One Night in Seoul

Last weekend, I teamed up with some colleagues again, this time to spend two days in Seoul. This would be my first time ever to visit the capital, so I was all the more excited.

Another New Home to Explore: Passau

This trainee program is really giving me the possibility to explore a large variety of different cities. About a week ago, I moved yet again and am now staying at my third location this year: Passau, Bavaria.

Why I Love Living in the City – despite the Neighbors

So far, I have been living in several cities you could call a “metropolis”, among them Kawasaki and Yokohama (both in the Greater Tokyo Area) as well as Hamburg and now Cologne. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m… Continue Reading →

Some First Impressions on Cologne

So, I just moved to Cologne, Germany to continue my university studies. I came here on August 1st and I have spent the last few days walking a lot and exploring my new neighborhood (class hasn’t started yet). I live in… Continue Reading →

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