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E5: Hiking Across the Alps – Grande Finale

This is part of a three-part series. See here for details. After the organized tour had ended, I took a train from Merano to Rovereto, close to Lake Garda. I stayed in the city for two nights to get some rest before the… Continue Reading →

E5: Hiking Across the Alps – The Main Part

This is part of a three-part series. See here for details. At the beginning of July, it was finally time to start the big hike. I had booked a guided tour with Bergschule Oberallgäu for the most popular part of the E5, the… Continue Reading →

E5: Hiking Across the Alps – Preparations

This is part of a three-part series. See here for details. As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to hike the E5 European long-distance hiking trail from Lake Constance to Verona this year. For a start, let me give you a quick… Continue Reading →

E5: Hiking Across the Alps

After having read the book “Laufen, essen, schlafen” (“Walk, eat, sleep”) by Christine Thürmer earlier this year, I really got interested in long-distance hiking.

Jeju: Exploring Korea’s Favorite Holiday Island

Last week, the office here in Korea was closed due to the annual summer vacation – which provided a very welcome yet unexpected chance for me to explore the country a little more.

Halfway: A Quick Report on Life in Korea

Time flies. Since I already spent more than a month here in Korea, I felt like it’s time to draw an (almost) halftime résumé and summarize some peculiarities I became aware of while living here.

One Night in Seoul

Last weekend, I teamed up with some colleagues again, this time to spend two days in Seoul. This would be my first time ever to visit the capital, so I was all the more excited.

First Hike in South Korea: Mt. Geumo

Last weekend, I arrived at my next station: Gumi, South Korea. Just like at my previous project locations, I will be spending three months here.

Another New Home to Explore: Passau

This trainee program is really giving me the possibility to explore a large variety of different cities. About a week ago, I moved yet again and am now staying at my third location this year: Passau, Bavaria.

More Hiking Around Graz

Slowly but surely, my stay here in Austria is coming to an end. In only a few days, I will leave this beautiful country. On one of my last weekends here, my father finally came to visit me and we couldn’t… Continue Reading →

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