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Gear Review: West Highland Way Ultralight

As mentioned in a previous post, my trip to Scotland to hike the West Highland Way involved many firsts for me. Most importantly, it was my first ultralight hike with enough gear to be self-sufficient on the road for a… Continue Reading →

Assembling My First Ultralight Pack

Here’s my first attempt at assembling an ultralight pack. I’ll give you some insights into what kind of gear I chose and why I chose it.

On My Way to Ultralight

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been growing increasingly interested in the topic of ultralight hiking recently. So what does “ultralight” actually mean?

Why I Love Living in the City – despite the Neighbors

So far, I have been living in several cities you could call a “metropolis”, among them Kawasaki and Yokohama (both in the Greater Tokyo Area) as well as Hamburg and now Cologne. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m… Continue Reading →

Some First Impressions on Cologne

So, I just moved to Cologne, Germany to continue my university studies. I came here on August 1st and I have spent the last few days walking a lot and exploring my new neighborhood (class hasn’t started yet). I live in… Continue Reading →

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