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Sharing experiences from my travels around the world.



Travel Preparations

So, it’s finally official: Everything we wanted to book for our trip to Asia this summer is booked. Flight to Moscow, hotel in the city center of Moscow, two tickets on the Transsiberian Railway – and our flight back to Germany from Tokyo. Continue reading “Travel Preparations”


The Five Phases of Learning Japanese

Right now, I’m in bed with the flu, so travelling isn’t really possible. But here’s a (very) short post on something I realized about learning Japanese. There are various levels in how people react to your skills and according to their reactions you realize how good your language actually is. Continue reading “The Five Phases of Learning Japanese”

New Challenge: Studying Multiple Languages at the Same Time

When I decided to go to this university, I knew this would be coming. Still, my head seems to be overflowing from all the new things I learn. Continue reading “New Challenge: Studying Multiple Languages at the Same Time”

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