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Hiking in Ireland: General Information

A few weeks ago, I finally made the trip to Ireland to go hiking there. Ireland was one of the few countries in Western Europe I hadn’t visited so far, and all in all, I’m glad I finally got around to going there. I hadn’t made a hiking trip with all accommodation fully pre-booked in a while, so it was quite a change from having the flexibility and simplicity of a tent. Both have their good and bad sides, I guess.

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Hiking around Trondheim, Norway

Another great vacation is over: This time, we spent two weeks hiking in the area between the Norwegian city of Trondheim and the border to Sweden. We stayed in the tent almost exclusively, making good use of the Scandinavian “Allemannsretten” (or “every man’s right”), which basically allows you to put up your tent anywhere you want as long as you don’t disturb anyone (more details here). Our pretty loose itinerary is also the reason why I will deviate from my usual format and won’t describe every day in detail. Rather, I will touch on several points which might be interesting to people planning to hike in the same area.

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Hiking the GR247 / Bosques del Sur in Andalusia, Spain

Once again, quite some time passed since my last post. But late is better than never, so here comes my summary of my most recent hiking trip to beautiful Andalusia in Spain. My boyfriend joined me on a two-week tour through the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park along a trail called Bosques del Sur, or simply GR247.

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Weekend Hiking near Stuttgart

The month of September was packed with hiking trips for me. Last weekend, I met some of my fellow hikers from our group tour across the Alps. It was nice to catch up and we also did two short hikes in the Stuttgart area.

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Gear Review: West Highland Way Ultralight

As mentioned in a previous post, my trip to Scotland to hike the West Highland Way involved many firsts for me. Most importantly, it was my first ultralight hike with enough gear to be self-sufficient on the road for a while. As I newly bought / made large parts of my gear for this trip, I’d like to review some of the main items in my pack. Most of them worked great, but there’s some tweaking here and there I might do for future hikes. Continue reading “Gear Review: West Highland Way Ultralight”

Hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland

My most recent trip brought along many firsts: first time hiking with a tent, first time hiking with an ultralight pack, first time hiking with trail runners, first time hiking with my own stove and food supply. Despite the many new things I was trying out all at once and despite the rather wet Scottish weather, it was an amazing trip all in all.

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Assembling My First Ultralight Pack

Here’s my first attempt at assembling an ultralight pack. I’ll give you some insights into what kind of gear I chose and why I chose it. Continue reading “Assembling My First Ultralight Pack”

On My Way to Ultralight

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been growing increasingly interested in the topic of ultralight hiking recently. So what does “ultralight” actually mean? Continue reading “On My Way to Ultralight”

E5: Hiking Across the Alps – Grande Finale

This is part of a three-part series. See here for details.

After the organized tour had ended, I took a train from Merano to Rovereto, close to Lake Garda. I stayed in the city for two nights to get some rest before the next hike as well as to stock up on provisions and plan the next few days.  Continue reading “E5: Hiking Across the Alps – Grande Finale”

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