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Halfway: A Quick Report on Life in Korea

Time flies. Since I already spent more than a month here in Korea, I felt like it’s time to draw an (almost) halftime résumé and summarize some peculiarities I became aware of while living here. Continue reading “Halfway: A Quick Report on Life in Korea”


Paris, Take Two

A couple of weeks had passed since my last short trip, so it was time to plan the next spontaneous escape! Continue reading “Paris, Take Two”

Short Trip to Bruges

I’ve sure done a lot of travelling this September. This is a blog post about my third trip abroad in only four weeks. Continue reading “Short Trip to Bruges”

The Interrail Experience Part 2: Some More Insights

After I gave you the outline and route of our trip in my previous post, let me give you some more info on three topics that seem quite important to me: trains, hostels, and food. Continue reading “The Interrail Experience Part 2: Some More Insights”

Savory Muffins

Contrary to what I wrote in my first blog post, I decided that I’m just not getting around enough to dedicate this blog solely to travel. Also considering the fact that I have been falling behind with my publishing (which I originally intended to do once a week) due to a lack of new topics, I have decided to add cooking to the “portfolio”. I love cooking, baking and generally spending time in the kitchen, so this seemed like the obvious thing to do. Continue reading “Savory Muffins”

Dining with Pirates – and Other Stories on Food in Iceland

As impressed as I was with so many other things in Iceland, the food was surprisingly unspectacular. But as a rule you could probably say “The bigger the city, the better the food”. Continue reading “Dining with Pirates – and Other Stories on Food in Iceland”

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