After having read the book “Laufen, essen, schlafen” (“Walk, eat, sleep”) by Christine Thürmer earlier this year, I really got interested in long-distance hiking. The book summarizes one woman’s quest to hike the “Big 3” of American long distance hiking trails (Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Appalachian Trail), with a total distance of over 4200 km. She also spends a great deal of time writing about light-weight travelling, which is another point that really caught my attention.

For a start, I decided to hike the European long-distance hiking trail E5 (from Lake Constance in Germany to Verona in Italy) this year. I didn’t want to do the whole thing all in one go, mainly for time reasons. But I booked a tour for the most famous part (Oberstdorf – Merano) and decided to hike the first and final bits by myself.

I will split this in three separate posts:

  1. Preparations: This covers my training for the actual alpine part of the route, including the start of the trail at Lake Constance. I’ll also include my packing list, optimized for carrying as little weight as possible.
  2. The Main Part: Here I will describe the organized group tour from German Oberstdorf to Italian Merano.
  3. Grand Finale: Finally, I will summarize the few days I hiked solo from Rovereto to Verona as well as my weekend in the beautiful city of Verona.

Stay tuned for these posts. I will upload each of them within the next couple of days.