I’ve sure done a lot of travelling this September. This is a blog post about my third trip abroad in only four weeks. Shortly after I returned from Montenegro, a good friend suggested to head to Bruges, Belgium on the weekend. As Bruges had been on my bucket list ever since I saw the movie In Bruges, the decision to go was quickly made. We booked two beds at a hostel a day in advance and on Friday we were already on the road heading to Belgium. It takes three hours or so to get there, but it was a perfectly sunny and warm day, so we both really enjoyed the drive in my friend’s convertible. On our way, we drove through the Netherlands and passed Brussels, but went right on to Bruges, where we arrived shortly after sunset.

Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’.

After checking in at the hostel, we set out again for a stroll around the city. The medieval city center of Bruges is just beautiful. It’s all being illuminated at night and we were just awestruck with how beautiful everything was. We interrupted our walk for a quick dinner. Some time having passed, the streets were almost empty when we continued – which made the surroundings even more impressing.

Bruges at night.

Bruges at night.

After some time, we returned to the hostel, where we found the band to be playing who had been preparing the stage when we checked in. So we asked the barkeeper to recommend some nice local beer, took a seat, and enjoyed an amazing Rockabilly concert entirely for free. We stayed in the bar for a few more hours after the gig had ended. Around midnight, we headed upstairs to our room.

Local beer recommended by the bar keeper.

Local beer recommended by the barkeeper.

After a surprisingly good night at the hostel (with surprisingly comfy beds!), we packed the few things we had brought and checked out. It still being quite early in the morning, the streets were empty. We managed to find a really nice place to have breakfast at and started our day with some Café au Lait and a healthy breakfast with lots of fruit.

Fall in Bruges.

Fall in Bruges.

We spent the most part of the remaining day strolling through the city. While doing that, we entered several shops selling the famous Belgian chocolate. We bought some, but also took advantage of the free samples people kept offering to us. We also tried the famous local waffles and generally enjoyed another sunny day of early fall. Even the masses of tourists appearing some time around noon couldn’t spoil our mood.

Delicious Belgian waffle at Burg Square!

Delicious Belgian waffle at Burg square!

In the afternoon, we drove back home – of course taking advantage of the convertible again. In the end, we both agreed that this trip was really short, but still worth every second. Bruges is amazing and I do want to return some time – not because there is anything we didn’t see, but rather to enjoy the general atmosphere again.