Easter is over and I’m enjoying the last couple of days at home before I’m heading back to Cologne and university. This year, we continued an “Easter habit” we only started last year and went hiking. Last year, we hiked to the top of Northern Germany’s highest mountain, the Brocken (1141 m). It was already relatively warm around Easter last year, but we still faced several meters of snow and strong winds on the peak of the Brocken then.

Forest close to Mölln, with the Lüttauer See in the back.

Ponies above the Drüsensee.

As we are still waiting for this year’s winter to end and the snow is still not even gone in lower altitudes, we decided to take a different route this year. There even was a chance we would have to use snow chains when heading to the mountains, so going to lower regions seemed like the better option. After some debating, we decided to head to the city of Mölln, situated somewhere halfway between Hamburg and Lübeck. There are several lakes around the city and we decided for the Drüsensee, which is a rather small lake south of the city. We parked our car close to main train station of Mölln and started walking out of the city. Mölln is surprisingly large, so it took us a while until we finally reached the outskirts of the city and headed towards the first lake (the Lüttauer See) and into the forest. After some time, we left the road, passed a little farm with horses, ponies and a small restaurant and finally went into the actual forest on a path high above the lake – we had reached the second lake, the Drüsensee, by now. The path circled closer to the shore and soon we were directly at the lake. With the winter still around, large parts of the lake’s surface were still frozen and we walked mostly on snow. The walk was nice and quiet and we saw many animals, including deer, a hare (Easter bunny!!), a gray heron and what might have been a crane (or a white heron – I’m not so sure as it was quite far away). We walked at least 20 km in about three and a half hours, so our speed was quite good I suppose. I enjoyed the hike a lot, even though the rather long walk through the city was a little unnecessary. Next time, we’ll park the car a little closer to the beginning of the actual route.

Snowy forest path.

The frozen Drüsensee.

On the second day of Easter, we weren’t really motivated for another long hike (and long drive), so we decided to walk around the Hamburg city center a little. The weather was still cold, but nice and sunny, and the city center was quite crowded with others who had the same idea. But as I hadn’t been to Hamburg since Christmas, I enjoyed seeing “my” Hamburg again.

Boat and fountain at the Alster lake in Hamburg.

The Alsterarkaden between the Hamburg city hall and the Alster lake.