As strange as it sounds, now that I’m back to uni, I can finally motivate myself again to write a blog post. Although it’s been a while since my last post, little has happened since. After my exams in December, I went home to Hamburg to spend Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends. I returned to Cologne in early January to finish some term papers and also to celebrate my 24th birthday with some friends here.

Now, classes have started again and the freezing winter weather is gradually becoming warmer (and rainier…). I might actually head out to go hiking for the first time this year on the weekend. Also, I will attend my first (indoor) climbing class next week. Even though my skills might not be perfect by summer, the goal is to head out to the mountains and try some beginners’ route in the summer. The ultimate goal of course is to become fairly good at climbing until summer of next year.

Why summer of next year? Well, here comes the big announcement: Together with a friend, I’m planning a world (or at least, multi-continent) trip. The plan so far is to start as soon as we handed in our Master’s thesis in May of next year and then stay on the road for two to three months. If everything works out as we want it to, we’d first fly over to Moscow and board the Transsiberian Railway to go to Beijing via Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Then it’s the night train from Beijing to Shanghai. From there, we’ll just head to where the road takes us. Chiang Mai, Thailand is definitely on the list. So is Angkor Wat in Cambodia. And I want to stop by in Japan again to meet some friends. The rest is more or less open. After Asia, the next general goal is South America. But in order not to have to fly back via Europe, we’ll probably stop by in New Zealand or Hawaii first. I don’t know much about South America, so I’ll leave most of the planning there to my friend. Brazil is already planned, as we’ll visit someone there. The rest is still open. Then it’s back home to Germany.

That’ll be four continents in roughly three months. Words can’t describe how excited I am for this to happen. This is the first trip I ever made of this scale. It will be challenging, but I will see so many new things, get new impressions, meet new people. Money is still a little issue, but I’ll start my new part-time job on February 1st, so I’ll hopefully be able to save up a little. Also, I will most probably do a paid internship in the summer, so that’s another way to gather some funds.

All I can say is: Although I really want to enjoy the last few months of my student life, I can also not wait for my studies to end. I’m so excited!