Contrary to what I wrote in my first blog post, I decided that I’m just not getting around enough to dedicate this blog solely to travel. Also considering the fact that I have been falling behind with my publishing (which I originally intended to do once a week) due to a lack of new topics, I have decided to add cooking to the “portfolio”. I love cooking, baking and generally spending time in the kitchen, so this seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Today I will be introducing a recipe for savory muffins which I got from a German cookery show I watched some time ago. I modified it a bit by myself but the basic dough mostly stays the same.

For the dough, you mix flour (300g), baking powder (two teaspoons), rosemary, thyme and grated Parmesan cheese (70 g or so) in a bowl. Then you mix the liquid ingredients in a separate container: milk (75 ml), olive oil (80 ml), low fat curd cheese (250 g) and two eggs. Finally, mix the two parts until you get a firm but still fluffy dough.

The finished muffin dough.

By the way, the amounts come from the original recipe, but as I don’t have a scale in my new apartment yet, I more or less estimated everything. It still works as long as you get it “more or less right”.

Now comes the really fun part. Prepare a muffin pan: fill it with muffin cases or grease it. Then fill half of the dough into the cups. I used two spoons for this as the dough sticks to your hands quite easily.

The filling: first some cherry tomatoes…

… and then whatever additional filling you like.

Time to get creative: choose a filling you like and put it into the cups. For some muffins I just cut some cherry tomatoes in halves, for others I added pieces of Serrano ham or mozzarella. Top this off with the rest of the dough and put it in the preheated oven at 200°C top / bottom heat for 25 minutes. Soon the kitchen will be filled with a wonderful smell of herbs and cheese.

Topped off muffins before…

… and after baking. Delicious!

These muffins are a great snack you can bring to or offer at parties, but can also replace a whole meal – which they did in my case as they really do taste amazing!

Here’s the link to the recipe (only in German, sorry).

From the filling leftovers I created this Insalata Caprese inspired salad by just adding some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper and fleur de sel.

Caprese inspired starter made from leftovers.