Only five days after I got home from Scotland, I headed out for another hike. This time, my destination was the Swabian Jura, located just a short drive from where I live. My father had been hiking in the area for several days and I joined him for the weekend before he returned home.

On Friday night, we met in the tiny village of Beuron, which consists of little more than a – rather famous – abbey (the Beuron Archabbey), a hotel and a little train station. This was where we would be staying for the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we headed out early and were lucky enough to witness an extremely beautiful sight: As we climbed higher, we suddenly found ourselves above the thick fog still lingering in the village. We were just in time to see the sun melt the clouds away and slowly, the village with its church emerged from the mist.


First signs of fall at the “German Grand Canyon”.

In the course of the hike we then descended from one side of the canyon down to the Danube – which is a surprisingly shallow river in this area. Then we climbed back up on the other side to Wildenstein Castle, which nowadays houses a youth hostel. Shortly after, we had a spectacular view of the impressive limestone cliffs, Werenwag Castle and the Danube valley down below. Finally, we descended back down into the valley to the village of Hausen im Tal, passing various popular climbing spots on our way.

The way back to Beuron involved some lengthy searching for the train station (which is actually located outside of Hausen) and lots of waiting for one of the very few trains. But that couldn’t spoil our mood after a beautiful hike with perfect weather.


The Danube from the Rabenfels.

My knee still isn’t back to normal after my trip to Scotland, so we decided to do a much shorter hike on Sunday. Starting from the village of Gutenstein, we climbed up to several beautiful viewpoints above the Thiergartenhof (a large farm close to the village of Thiergarten). At some point, we decided to turn around and then returned to Gutenstein on a slightly altered route.

Like this, there was still plenty of time for ice-cream and cake in the city of Sigmaringen in the afternoon. All in all, it was a very nice hiking weekend with perfect weather throughout. Considering how close the area is to where I live, I will definitely come here again to do some more hiking!